zaterdag 31 maart 2012


Yesterday I played my first game of Blood Bowl!

The BB League is well underway now, with some players having played up to 5 games already
and here I was not even knowing how to play!
But visiting my club yesterday I watched a league match (with a game that was on the line, very tense!) and afterwards Guy was so kind to give me a Blood Bowl introduction and so I faced of against his Chaos. (You will a know him as "Nemesis" from Tomsche's Società di Archeologia)

There is much more to Blood Bowl than meets the eye. Watching, it looks fairly simple but being ingame is an entirely different matter.
First thing causing me a lot of trouble is the "illegal procedure", I keep forgetting and
it cost me two re-rolls and that was even after Master Guy let his young Padawan get away with it twice! Now as far as the game goes, strategy is an important part. You can't just go around and block here and run there... Careful positioning is key and leaving players on their own will soon relust i them being mobbed on and bashed into the dirt! Luckily my Orcs are very resilient and will get up again but losing players sets you back a lot.

Making priorities and not taking unneccessairy risks helps too. Causing a turnover early in your own turn will cause your players to be out of position resulting in opponent break-aways or just another beating! So I need to get around with what to do first and least risky!

Assisting is a must! Even though I had 4 Black Orc Blockers, they still needed the assist of other Orcs to be able to block without taking the chance of ending up face down for themselves...
Especially against Chaos who are so damn tough and strong themselves!
And again we I was faced with the much needed experience of positioning, to maximise the number of blocks and assists you can do and to avoid getting them back at you! This is off course the most important part in the entire game and something I have a lot to learn about!

All in all, Blood Bowl is an easy game to learn, the basics are quite easy but it's a difficult game to
master to get the best out of your team! I hope some gaming experience will help me through some of the simpler tactics!

But still, it was a very enjoyable game where lot's of things happened, highlight of the game beingmy Thrower Longfang Lungbursta passing to his Goblin teammate, successfully catching the ball and making a run for it, only to be caught up by the Chaos Minotaur and being stomped to a bloody pulp! He was last seen flying out of the stadium, several parts going in equally several directions! Ouch!!!

Thanks again to Guy for this very entertaining lesson!

Now I'm off to make some much needed roster sheets, pitch, counters, dug-outs and more of that sort! See you on the Pitch!

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  1. Get a couple more of these games in and then you can teach it to me .... Oh .... finish that Skaven teal too, I need something to play with! ;-)