dinsdag 6 november 2012

Big Sale!

I'm clearing-out a lot of stuff and having a big sale because I'll be moving to a new house in a couple of months but unfortunately I won't have as much space to store miniatures as I have now...
So a lot of my projects, never played games and compulsary buys go out the door!

This is what I have, if you are interested, contact me and we can sort something out!

First up, Artizan - Thrilling Tales
8 Sky Pirates, 1 leader and 2 characters, all painted and based

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Pulp style guards / 5 painted and 2 unpainted

Crocodile Games - Wargods of AEgyptus
Typhon spearmen unit / 5 painted and 5 unpainted

Artizan - Thrilling Tales
some Pulp figures, both Heroes and Villains

Robby the Robot metal miniature.
About 8cm/3inches tall

Uncharted Seas painted Bone Griffons fleet + game cards.

-2 Despoiler Heavy Cruiser
-2 Banshee/Sea Wraith Cruiser
-3 Phantom Destroyer
-1 Nightmare flagship
-1 Plague/Reaper battleship
-6 Orcus frigates

All painted and based!

This is the first batch, more may follow...
Leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions. Make me a nice offer and some of these nice items cold be yours!


woensdag 30 mei 2012

A plague on all your houses!

Ever since getting to know Warhammer 40k, one of the things that has intrigued me endlessly were the 4 malicious powers of Chaos! I have had several armies for both Fantasy and 40k but never were those armies of the dark gods...

So when Tomsche was selling a batch of Chaos Space marine stuff this was the time to turn to the dark side!
His deal included a mix of Space and Spikey Marines, a Land Raider, a Predator, some female deamons to be used as Daemonettes, a winged daemon, a Forgeworld Slaanesh Dreadnought and Lucius the Eternal.

As you can see his interest was towards A Slaanesh Marine army, but I had some different plans though! NURGLE!!!

I further bulked out my current batch of Chaos with a set of Marines from the Black Reach set and two Rhino's I had, one from my Orks army and one from never completed Space Wolves. And I also had that Greater Daemon of Nurgle I had bought from Creepy Andy a long time ago.

And so I set out to make myself a Plague Marine army, not just green Chaos Marines...no I wanted propper diseased Nurgle Marines!

Here's what I got:

 First up is my Vindicator, I was on a budget and decided to make one of my own. All you can see from the toy tank I started with are the wheels, all the rest is plasticard, scraps, parts from model tanks, bitsbox junk, green stuff and molten plastic! It turned out somewhat bigger than the original Vindicator but I don't mind.
I will probably change the driver as this one looks silly and too "Astartes"

 Two Rhino's and a Predator, all heavily converted to sport scabs, buboes and other fleshy, itchy goodness.
I tried to incorporate the Nurgle symbol on every vehicle somewhere rather than just paint it on.

Ah yes, the Land Raider! What a machine...I just love the look of a Raider especially when it's Nurgled up like this one! As with all vehicles it was painted in obvious green and then all of the diseased parts were picked out with fleshy tones to give them a pox-riddled appearance.

Here's all my infantry guys (correction, not all, still have some awaiting finishing touches). As said, these guys were made up of mixed Chaos and regular Marine sets and then Nurglified. I can't say I like every single model I've made but in general they have the right look and that's what counts!

This one is the Space Marine Captain model from the Black Reach box. Not sure how he will serve me though, originally made as a Chaos Lord but may be degraded to a unit champion instead! How treacherous it is to serve the Dark Lords!!!

Some of the Plague Marines with the Typhus model, I think this is the model why I wanted Nurgle Marines in the first place. He is one of my favourite models in the 40k range and I bought him way before I even started a Nurgle force. He will serve as my Lord as he can be used in many ways and just looks too cool to pass up!

More Marines with an Icon of Nurgle, so when I get some lesser daemons I already have the icons to summon them. I don't like the look and price of the current Plaguebearers so I'm waiting for plastics or will buy alternatives for them. But not something that is on my priority list.

This is the Dreadnought out of the Black Reach set, albeit heavily converted. Dreadnoughts are cool models and since I got one from the set it was one of the first things I converted into Nurgle to include in my army!
I was even able to get some different weapon sets and so I made the guns and combat arm removable and interchangeable so it can be used in various ways.

The entire force as it is now. Everything is painted up and ready for battle, I can field a Land Raider, two Rhino's, a Vindicator, Predator, Dreadnought, about 26 Marines, 6 terminators, a Greater Daemon and a Chaos Lord.
And that is not where the fun will end, I still have a Defiler to finish and am working on a scratchbuilt Daemon Prince to wreak some havoc!

In the future I hope to expand my army by including some Bikers and Obliterators. But first I must get these rotters on the table for their first battle to see how they fare.

For a split second I thought about selling the entire army off but I think I would come to regret that!
These Guys are like an itch, you can't help scratching but once it's gone you miss it!!!

zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Might makes right!

Still working on my Ogre Kingdoms army and after much fiddling with Ogres and the Slaughtermaster/Butcher I felt like tackling the Tyrant/Bruiser to lead my army!

This was the Tyrant model I got with my army, nice model but one of my least favourite, I especially dislike the head that comes with this model. So that meant it was conversion-time and although a simple head swap would have been easy, It was soon clear I had other plans!

I chose not to use the great mace weapon although I like it very much, it has that perfect Ogre feel, and still it was sidelined! So what started out as a head-swap was now gonna be a head-weapon-gutplate-swap with some lower arm additions (the lower arms are attached to the mace and I did'nt want to cut it up as it would be of great use in the future!)

So here we are, same basic model with repositioned right arm, new gutplate, Mournfang Cavalry champion head and Ironfist. Some greenstuff was required to fill up gaps and to make the new gear fit!

 As with the mace, I like the brutal and powerful looking weapons the Ogres use and when I started this model I wanted just that! My first thought was a hammer and I stuck with that...by cutting up and glueing together several Ironfists and a gutplate I was able to make a big hammer that even resembled the Great Maw! I'm still thinking of making an opening in the middle somehow so unfortunate targets get pounded and swallowed up in the "Mawcrusher"!

 I remembered having some toys lying aroud of skeletal beasts and one of them was a mammoth. The mammoth tusks were perfect to use as a trophy rack and fit the Ogre theme really well. Chains or rope will be wrapped around the tusks and adorned with several bits and bobs. This adds a lot of height and power to an already impressive leader!

Here is a comparison between the Tyrant and the Ogres. Much more bulky, slightly higher and the Mawcrusher looks like it could pulp even an Ogre in one blow! The Tyrant model will get a more scenic base that will elevate it furter above the regular models in the army.

 And now some finished models, starting with the Butcher. This model is pretty much how I got it and left unchanged as I really like the look of these slaughtering Ogres. I wanted to show that of and thus came in some blood, a little more blood and finally lots of blood! It tried to apply the blood so it looked like the Butcher gobbled up bloody parts and blood ran out of it's mouth, spilling everywhere...

And finally the backbone of the Ogre Kingdoms army, the Ogres itself. I didn't want to paint them up in regular fleshy colours so instead I used a more grisly Necromantic flesh basecoat. Didn't want to copy the bloody hands out of the rulebook either but blood was a must-have so I picked up were I left of with the butcher and so bloody gore was used differently on every model in the form of splatters and drips from impacts, slashes, bites, etc...

I'm really pleased with this start, I hope to get more done soon. Right now I 'm painting up both Leadbelchers and Ironguts and glueing the Ironblaster and Mournfang Cavalry.

So lets say I've still got a job as big as an Ogres belly ahead of me!

zaterdag 31 maart 2012


Yesterday I played my first game of Blood Bowl!

The BB League is well underway now, with some players having played up to 5 games already
and here I was not even knowing how to play!
But visiting my club yesterday I watched a league match (with a game that was on the line, very tense!) and afterwards Guy was so kind to give me a Blood Bowl introduction and so I faced of against his Chaos. (You will a know him as "Nemesis" from Tomsche's Società di Archeologia)

There is much more to Blood Bowl than meets the eye. Watching, it looks fairly simple but being ingame is an entirely different matter.
First thing causing me a lot of trouble is the "illegal procedure", I keep forgetting and
it cost me two re-rolls and that was even after Master Guy let his young Padawan get away with it twice! Now as far as the game goes, strategy is an important part. You can't just go around and block here and run there... Careful positioning is key and leaving players on their own will soon relust i them being mobbed on and bashed into the dirt! Luckily my Orcs are very resilient and will get up again but losing players sets you back a lot.

Making priorities and not taking unneccessairy risks helps too. Causing a turnover early in your own turn will cause your players to be out of position resulting in opponent break-aways or just another beating! So I need to get around with what to do first and least risky!

Assisting is a must! Even though I had 4 Black Orc Blockers, they still needed the assist of other Orcs to be able to block without taking the chance of ending up face down for themselves...
Especially against Chaos who are so damn tough and strong themselves!
And again we I was faced with the much needed experience of positioning, to maximise the number of blocks and assists you can do and to avoid getting them back at you! This is off course the most important part in the entire game and something I have a lot to learn about!

All in all, Blood Bowl is an easy game to learn, the basics are quite easy but it's a difficult game to
master to get the best out of your team! I hope some gaming experience will help me through some of the simpler tactics!

But still, it was a very enjoyable game where lot's of things happened, highlight of the game beingmy Thrower Longfang Lungbursta passing to his Goblin teammate, successfully catching the ball and making a run for it, only to be caught up by the Chaos Minotaur and being stomped to a bloody pulp! He was last seen flying out of the stadium, several parts going in equally several directions! Ouch!!!

Thanks again to Guy for this very entertaining lesson!

Now I'm off to make some much needed roster sheets, pitch, counters, dug-outs and more of that sort! See you on the Pitch!

maandag 26 maart 2012

Night Goblins on parade!

As mentioned in my earlier Ogre Kingdoms report, the other fantasy army I own are Night Goblins! It took me quite some time to get this mushroom-crazed freak show on the road, it is not in one days' work to start a Night Gobbo force...

Most of these models are from the "Batlle for Skull Pass" range, being a cheap and easy way to bulk out on NG fast. Everything else is either 2nd hand or scratchbuilt as I really wanted a low budget Fantasy army, and I can say that this worked out rather well! (for a horde army that is!)
I tried to tie in several regular goblin units by giving them a Night Goblin makeover so they could be used but still fit the theme of the army!

Let's see what those black-clad goons bring to battle:

The first Goblin/Night Goblin switch, a Wolf Chariot. This was scratchbuilt using Chaos warhounds, regular NG warriors and some bits of sprue, wagonwheels and multiple leftover bits!

One of the units bulked out with unit fillers. I have a couple of those in my army as it really helps to save on models and looks great in the unit too! This is a Bad Moon rock with gold and ruby eyes. This unit is 48 strong (6x8) with full command and a Shaman to boast!

The command unit, a big block of 50 NG's with full command, Warboss (the nut standing on the shield), Shaman and much more bling! Behind the banner you can see a NG on a tower, this is another unit filler made from the hut that comes with the Skull Pass set.

Third unit of warriors (40) with yet another two fillers, one being a plain rock and the other a watchtower. In all, the unit fillers are saving me 28 Night Goblin models to be used elsewhere!
This means I can almost make an extra unit out of the unused models wich is great in my book!!!

Squigs, you got to have squigs! Fun and they look fantastic in an army! Nasty but unpredictable in combat! No unit filler here but I did use some Sguig Hoppers to strengthen up the unit, the 3 models wouldn't be of much other use anyway.

My giant, made from some toy store caveman. I didn't change anything on this model, just added the Gobbo with chain and painted him up with warpaint and he was intantly Goblinised! This was one of the best deals in my army, this thing only cost me about €10/£8/$13 and for that I get 200pts worth of high strength hits! Sweet!

2nd makeover unit, Spider Riders! With NG bodies but converted to garry the Forest goblin spears and shields. Fun unit that looks cool, I always liked the look of the spiders.
I have about 10 of those once they're finished...creepy buggers, yuck!

My scratchbuilt Pump Wagon. I made this because I had no Pump Wagon at the time. That was before the new army book was released and hey look, they have the option to include a spikey roller...how convenient! I love this model already and I'll love it even more when I finish it off with some more Snotlings and pimp it with warpaint and blood!

Just plain old Doom Diver. Just because it's a great and fun unit...I had to have this!

Some scratchbuilt Chukka's. They were very easy to make with some sprue and platicard. I popped on some bitsbox spears and you can hardly teel the difference between these and the original ones!

There's a lot more in My Night Goblin force than is displayed here but these are the main units...I hope to gradually expand it with other units. Not on the roll-call are the fanatics and rock lobba.
High on my "want-to" list are a unit of Trolls and Squig Hoppers!

But after painting up all those little green men I just neede to paint something else and that was where the Ogres came in! I will leave it as it is right now and we'll see where it goes!

vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Foul play!

A while back I introduced my Orc Blood Bowl team, and while they're still waiting to play their first game I started with reading the rules and looking up BB related stuff...
And the more I read, the more I thought about all the different teams and plays!
As many of you know, a lot of thinking never leads to no good and this time is no exception!

So it goes that researching all those skills and teams I really had the urge of making another Blood Bowl team! At first I looked around to buy some cool models but having bought a lot of other stuff recently (see my Big Bullies post) it was soon clear that that was no option.

What did I have in my pile useable for a new group of fanatic footballers?! My first find where the Mantic Ghouls and Zombies, but for any undead team I needed several models I didn't have, too bad!
Then I remebered an old regiment box of skaven clanrats I had lying around, initially stored to make a Mordheim warband...I unpacked, looked at the sprues, started carving and before I knew it I had my first Skaven Blood Bowl Linerat!!!

Skaven it is then, all I needed to do was think of ways to tell apart the blitzers, gutter runners, linerats and throwers. Here's what I could make of 'em with the help of the bitsbox!

The entire team with a Linerat and Blitzer up front. Because Skaven are reasonably small I decided not to paint the team numbers on the rats themselves but on the bases, worked out well!

The very first linerat in a testcase paintscheme. Green and bronze will be the primary colours throughout the entire team, used in different variations. The Linerats are poorly armoured to reflect their fast but fragile nature.

As some of the fastest players in the game, I needed something to emphasise that onto the Gutter Runners. Th use of flowing capes filled thet role perfectly and gives the Runners an instant recognisability vs. the rest of the players. These have little to no armour plates as their purpose is to move across the field with lightning speed and score touchdowns an harass key players!

The Blitzers, most heavily armoured hitters in the Skaven! They have heavy armour, shoulder plates and spikes, helmets and other stabby stuff while still retaining their running stances to go with the fast Skaven style.

The backbone of Skaven Blood Bowl, Linerats. I'll be needing lots of these guys so expect more of the little critters to take the field! As with the first model, very basic and simple. Little armour or fancy stuff, Skaven are and will always be sneaky backstabbin' basterds and no coach wil hesitate to throw these guys against a Black Orc or Ogre if it means his mates can score a touchdown elsewhere! Aaah, the expendable life of Skaven!

Last but not least, a thrower. Skaven are not known for their strenght but instead use their devious cunning and this one throws the ball using a sling! Very much Skaven style and much more convincing! Another one will be added, possably with an even smarter contraption the hurl the ball across the pitch!!!

As you may have seen, all of this was made from the one basic clanrats box. with some carving and glueing you can make surprisingly different poses, mine being fast and runny. More painting will come soon and all of the models get a wash to bring out all the detail. Finishing of bases will be last and then take them to the field!

There you have it, my 2nd Blood Bowl team...now I hope to play the frikkin' game soon!!!