maandag 26 maart 2012

Night Goblins on parade!

As mentioned in my earlier Ogre Kingdoms report, the other fantasy army I own are Night Goblins! It took me quite some time to get this mushroom-crazed freak show on the road, it is not in one days' work to start a Night Gobbo force...

Most of these models are from the "Batlle for Skull Pass" range, being a cheap and easy way to bulk out on NG fast. Everything else is either 2nd hand or scratchbuilt as I really wanted a low budget Fantasy army, and I can say that this worked out rather well! (for a horde army that is!)
I tried to tie in several regular goblin units by giving them a Night Goblin makeover so they could be used but still fit the theme of the army!

Let's see what those black-clad goons bring to battle:

The first Goblin/Night Goblin switch, a Wolf Chariot. This was scratchbuilt using Chaos warhounds, regular NG warriors and some bits of sprue, wagonwheels and multiple leftover bits!

One of the units bulked out with unit fillers. I have a couple of those in my army as it really helps to save on models and looks great in the unit too! This is a Bad Moon rock with gold and ruby eyes. This unit is 48 strong (6x8) with full command and a Shaman to boast!

The command unit, a big block of 50 NG's with full command, Warboss (the nut standing on the shield), Shaman and much more bling! Behind the banner you can see a NG on a tower, this is another unit filler made from the hut that comes with the Skull Pass set.

Third unit of warriors (40) with yet another two fillers, one being a plain rock and the other a watchtower. In all, the unit fillers are saving me 28 Night Goblin models to be used elsewhere!
This means I can almost make an extra unit out of the unused models wich is great in my book!!!

Squigs, you got to have squigs! Fun and they look fantastic in an army! Nasty but unpredictable in combat! No unit filler here but I did use some Sguig Hoppers to strengthen up the unit, the 3 models wouldn't be of much other use anyway.

My giant, made from some toy store caveman. I didn't change anything on this model, just added the Gobbo with chain and painted him up with warpaint and he was intantly Goblinised! This was one of the best deals in my army, this thing only cost me about €10/£8/$13 and for that I get 200pts worth of high strength hits! Sweet!

2nd makeover unit, Spider Riders! With NG bodies but converted to garry the Forest goblin spears and shields. Fun unit that looks cool, I always liked the look of the spiders.
I have about 10 of those once they're finished...creepy buggers, yuck!

My scratchbuilt Pump Wagon. I made this because I had no Pump Wagon at the time. That was before the new army book was released and hey look, they have the option to include a spikey convenient! I love this model already and I'll love it even more when I finish it off with some more Snotlings and pimp it with warpaint and blood!

Just plain old Doom Diver. Just because it's a great and fun unit...I had to have this!

Some scratchbuilt Chukka's. They were very easy to make with some sprue and platicard. I popped on some bitsbox spears and you can hardly teel the difference between these and the original ones!

There's a lot more in My Night Goblin force than is displayed here but these are the main units...I hope to gradually expand it with other units. Not on the roll-call are the fanatics and rock lobba.
High on my "want-to" list are a unit of Trolls and Squig Hoppers!

But after painting up all those little green men I just neede to paint something else and that was where the Ogres came in! I will leave it as it is right now and we'll see where it goes!

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  1. Nice work, damn nice work, I still have some of those buggers around here somewhere!

  2. Hey, I remember those.
    Indeed a very nice paintjob (deservingly won you best painted army) and they make funny squeeky little noises when they die :-p