zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Might makes right!

Still working on my Ogre Kingdoms army and after much fiddling with Ogres and the Slaughtermaster/Butcher I felt like tackling the Tyrant/Bruiser to lead my army!

This was the Tyrant model I got with my army, nice model but one of my least favourite, I especially dislike the head that comes with this model. So that meant it was conversion-time and although a simple head swap would have been easy, It was soon clear I had other plans!

I chose not to use the great mace weapon although I like it very much, it has that perfect Ogre feel, and still it was sidelined! So what started out as a head-swap was now gonna be a head-weapon-gutplate-swap with some lower arm additions (the lower arms are attached to the mace and I did'nt want to cut it up as it would be of great use in the future!)

So here we are, same basic model with repositioned right arm, new gutplate, Mournfang Cavalry champion head and Ironfist. Some greenstuff was required to fill up gaps and to make the new gear fit!

 As with the mace, I like the brutal and powerful looking weapons the Ogres use and when I started this model I wanted just that! My first thought was a hammer and I stuck with cutting up and glueing together several Ironfists and a gutplate I was able to make a big hammer that even resembled the Great Maw! I'm still thinking of making an opening in the middle somehow so unfortunate targets get pounded and swallowed up in the "Mawcrusher"!

 I remembered having some toys lying aroud of skeletal beasts and one of them was a mammoth. The mammoth tusks were perfect to use as a trophy rack and fit the Ogre theme really well. Chains or rope will be wrapped around the tusks and adorned with several bits and bobs. This adds a lot of height and power to an already impressive leader!

Here is a comparison between the Tyrant and the Ogres. Much more bulky, slightly higher and the Mawcrusher looks like it could pulp even an Ogre in one blow! The Tyrant model will get a more scenic base that will elevate it furter above the regular models in the army.

 And now some finished models, starting with the Butcher. This model is pretty much how I got it and left unchanged as I really like the look of these slaughtering Ogres. I wanted to show that of and thus came in some blood, a little more blood and finally lots of blood! It tried to apply the blood so it looked like the Butcher gobbled up bloody parts and blood ran out of it's mouth, spilling everywhere...

And finally the backbone of the Ogre Kingdoms army, the Ogres itself. I didn't want to paint them up in regular fleshy colours so instead I used a more grisly Necromantic flesh basecoat. Didn't want to copy the bloody hands out of the rulebook either but blood was a must-have so I picked up were I left of with the butcher and so bloody gore was used differently on every model in the form of splatters and drips from impacts, slashes, bites, etc...

I'm really pleased with this start, I hope to get more done soon. Right now I 'm painting up both Leadbelchers and Ironguts and glueing the Ironblaster and Mournfang Cavalry.

So lets say I've still got a job as big as an Ogres belly ahead of me!

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