vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Foul play!

A while back I introduced my Orc Blood Bowl team, and while they're still waiting to play their first game I started with reading the rules and looking up BB related stuff...
And the more I read, the more I thought about all the different teams and plays!
As many of you know, a lot of thinking never leads to no good and this time is no exception!

So it goes that researching all those skills and teams I really had the urge of making another Blood Bowl team! At first I looked around to buy some cool models but having bought a lot of other stuff recently (see my Big Bullies post) it was soon clear that that was no option.

What did I have in my pile useable for a new group of fanatic footballers?! My first find where the Mantic Ghouls and Zombies, but for any undead team I needed several models I didn't have, too bad!
Then I remebered an old regiment box of skaven clanrats I had lying around, initially stored to make a Mordheim warband...I unpacked, looked at the sprues, started carving and before I knew it I had my first Skaven Blood Bowl Linerat!!!

Skaven it is then, all I needed to do was think of ways to tell apart the blitzers, gutter runners, linerats and throwers. Here's what I could make of 'em with the help of the bitsbox!

The entire team with a Linerat and Blitzer up front. Because Skaven are reasonably small I decided not to paint the team numbers on the rats themselves but on the bases, worked out well!

The very first linerat in a testcase paintscheme. Green and bronze will be the primary colours throughout the entire team, used in different variations. The Linerats are poorly armoured to reflect their fast but fragile nature.

As some of the fastest players in the game, I needed something to emphasise that onto the Gutter Runners. Th use of flowing capes filled thet role perfectly and gives the Runners an instant recognisability vs. the rest of the players. These have little to no armour plates as their purpose is to move across the field with lightning speed and score touchdowns an harass key players!

The Blitzers, most heavily armoured hitters in the Skaven! They have heavy armour, shoulder plates and spikes, helmets and other stabby stuff while still retaining their running stances to go with the fast Skaven style.

The backbone of Skaven Blood Bowl, Linerats. I'll be needing lots of these guys so expect more of the little critters to take the field! As with the first model, very basic and simple. Little armour or fancy stuff, Skaven are and will always be sneaky backstabbin' basterds and no coach wil hesitate to throw these guys against a Black Orc or Ogre if it means his mates can score a touchdown elsewhere! Aaah, the expendable life of Skaven!

Last but not least, a thrower. Skaven are not known for their strenght but instead use their devious cunning and this one throws the ball using a sling! Very much Skaven style and much more convincing! Another one will be added, possably with an even smarter contraption the hurl the ball across the pitch!!!

As you may have seen, all of this was made from the one basic clanrats box. with some carving and glueing you can make surprisingly different poses, mine being fast and runny. More painting will come soon and all of the models get a wash to bring out all the detail. Finishing of bases will be last and then take them to the field!

There you have it, my 2nd Blood Bowl team...now I hope to play the frikkin' game soon!!!

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