dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Big Bullies!

After a 7 year break, I got into Warhammer Fantasy again...finally finishing my Night Goblin army and actually getting to play with them! A small fun tournament at our TSA club was the perfect starter. But no matter how I love the Night Goblins and their wacky style, they will always be only a part of a greater whole (Orcs & Goblins) and rarely be more than that.

Not wanting to paint even more Night Goblins to create an unstoppable horde or get started with their larger Orc cousins (hell I've got about 5000-ish points worth of 40k Orks!) I set out searching for a new Fantasy army to pick some fights with.

I started off by excluding several choices, this time no horde army so exit Skaven! Never fancied Empireor Beastmen so they're off the list too...Let's see, Dwarfs. Nope! Wood Elves, nice but no thank you! Played Lizardmen and High Elves before so no, and Daemons were a no-no either!
After some thinking I needed an elite force, with a strong punch...less models to paint for maximum effect!

This left me with Warriors of Chaos or Bretonnia! (I know there are more but those tickled my fancy the most) But lo and behold, as it always goes when you are left with two choices it's the third one you end up with...

And thus I got my hands on a 2nd hand Ogre Kingdoms army!
They looked something like this:

This force consisted of 1 Tyrant/Bruiser, 1 Slaughtermaster/Butcher , 8 Ogres, 8 Ironguts, 8 Leadbelchers, 1 Gorger, 1 Hunter with 2 Sabretusks, 1 Maneater and 1 Giant.
That's nearly a 2000 point army in one go! Some new additions with the latest models and this would be a sizeable force!

As you can see though, the models were not painted all too wonderfull and to make matters worse, they were cemented to their bases by a thick layer of sand! At some points the sand-goo covered most of the feet and reached up knee-high!!!
With carefull carving and grinding all of the models were taken from their bases for cleaning and respraying.
Starting afresh from the black basecoat and a light green army painter undercoat, I painted up the first model in the wel known rust 'n' grime set-up I think suits Ogres extremely well

Here's what I ended up with

I'm still working on details and things to stand out but this was a pretty managable way to paint it up. Right now I'm working on the rest of the models, taking on more of a "production line" approach to quicken things up...

A while ago I said to someone I didn't like the look of the new Ogre Kingdoms and now here I am having already ordered Mournfang Cavalry and an Ironblaster, painting up my own Ogre force and I couldn't think of a better choice than these big bad bullies!

Hope to show off more soon!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I have a unit of Ogres just because there some of my favourite figures ever, damn nice work sir....

  2. You still need to include the `Isaac tale` in that report, Creepy Corridor Andy told it to me and I must say I nearly wet my pants...

  3. Ah yes...Isaak! The lovely chap I bought this from!

    In the end I was glad he was home and everything was complete!

    He was actually a good kid, albeit a bit strange but nowhere near as strange as his mother who opened the door! If you've never heard a banshee wail you should listen to that!!!

    Anyway, a lot of mailing, a long drive and facing Medusa later I had my Ogres!

    Now that I look at it, this was a quest...yes, the Quest for Kingdoms in a far away and strange place!

  4. Deamons a no-no? What's your bloody problem with Deamons laddie???? Huh?
    Nice paintjob as usual mate :-)))

  5. Daemons are crap!!! Phu! ;-)

    No I do fancy daemons, very much so...every God has it's aspects and moddels that are very appealing but I can't get over the fact of all the different looking units together on the battlefield!
    And I won't go mono-God either as I would be stuck again with a piecemeal army...

    I had thought about painting all of them in a neutral similar colour with accents but I didn't have the drive to start that!

    But oh how I would love a pure Khorne or Nurgle army!
    (like your happy rotten bunch!)

  6. My 'Nurgle-only' concept went out of the window, trust me.
    I've added the other 3 to the army and I'm making the bases all different from the others.
    Now THAT4s Chaos mate :-)))

  7. The flesh colour you chose is looking great! Almost as stunning as the original paintjob of Isaak .... just kidding! ;-)

    Both your Ogres and Night Goblins will be tested soon(ish)!