donderdag 30 december 2010

Ork scratchbuilt/kitbashed Skullhamma!

As I mentioned earlier, Orks are one of my favourite things, just because I have so much fun in scrapbuilding Ork stuff!
So to get my blog started (and because I don't have a lot of other stuff while residing down under), here are some of my Ork warmachines!
First up is a Skullhamma, made from a regular modelkit tank, extensively hacked up and then put back together again with a multitude of bottle caps, plasticard, tubing, cardboard and lots of other stuff I picked up off the floor!

How it started.

Cannon fitted!

End results!

There you have it! A dirty, scrappy, fume-belching behemoth with a cannon big enough to fire a small car, woohoo! I'm was (and still am) pretty pleased with the result, it took me a while to make but on the other hand the cost was very low. As said I bought a €15 model kit and the rest were bits and scraps and a lot of imagination! In my honest opinion way cheaper and more fun than converting a €95 GW Baneblade!

Still have to play my first game with it so as soon as Tomsche or Andy get their Tau or 'Nids up and running this one is gonna cause carnage! Get bizzy guys!

zondag 26 december 2010

It's alive....Aliiiive!!!...

...and will then blow up in spectacular fashion!

Just to say I will be starting a blog of my own.
Being on a six month trip down under, the wargames departement is at a low right now but not so in my wargames club TSA.
The gaming group there is in full effect with a Full Thrust/FWC campaign!

Thinking about things over part in the campaign, unfinished and future projects, sidetracks, models that just tickle my fancy, Lead Painters' League and some much more
lead me to only one conclusion (and every other wargamer globally?!)

"I still have a lot of work to do!"

Just a glimpse in what future projects will include (off the top of my head):

-expanding my 40k Orks army and adding Apocalypse elements (I am an Ork Mek at heart)
-getting my Pax Arcadia army ready to compete in the FCW-campaign.
-starting a Epic Ork army for use in that same campaign! (Orks remember)
-make a Mordheim warband, but wich one, most possibly Skaven but...
-try to paint up all my Night Goblins!
-further scratchbuild my Ork spacefleet (more Orks)
-get decent human spacemodels to go with my Pax Arcadia.
-painting pulp figures in all shapes and sizes.
-start a small Uncharted Seas Bone Griffons fleet, just love those models (will play it someday...)
-and lots more of unknown sideprojects and scratchbuilding...

So I might just as well dump it all onto a blog so I won't be alone in this madness, this will keep me going for the next couple of years!!!
Following the excellent blogs of Andy's "Creepy Corridor" and Tomsche's "Società di archeologia e cimeli", my fellow wargamers!

Let's see where this goes...welcome and enjoy!