dinsdag 6 november 2012

Big Sale!

I'm clearing-out a lot of stuff and having a big sale because I'll be moving to a new house in a couple of months but unfortunately I won't have as much space to store miniatures as I have now...
So a lot of my projects, never played games and compulsary buys go out the door!

This is what I have, if you are interested, contact me and we can sort something out!

First up, Artizan - Thrilling Tales
8 Sky Pirates, 1 leader and 2 characters, all painted and based

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Pulp style guards / 5 painted and 2 unpainted

Crocodile Games - Wargods of AEgyptus
Typhon spearmen unit / 5 painted and 5 unpainted

Artizan - Thrilling Tales
some Pulp figures, both Heroes and Villains

Robby the Robot metal miniature.
About 8cm/3inches tall

Uncharted Seas painted Bone Griffons fleet + game cards.

-2 Despoiler Heavy Cruiser
-2 Banshee/Sea Wraith Cruiser
-3 Phantom Destroyer
-1 Nightmare flagship
-1 Plague/Reaper battleship
-6 Orcus frigates

All painted and based!

This is the first batch, more may follow...
Leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions. Make me a nice offer and some of these nice items cold be yours!