vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Blood Bowl Bonanza!

Here's my previously featured Bloodbowl team again, this time finished and ready to rumble!
I'm absolutely pleased on how they turned out, each member a little unique character on its own and (to me at least) perfectly displaying their role in the team!

The Goblin is still in the making but will be added soon enough, I've already got a Night Goblin model lined up to become the newest member of the Madd Hakkas!

And now...ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls and every other Bloodbowl-fan...here they are:

The Madd Hakkas

Blitzer 1:
number 12 -Snarla Skullcracka

Blitzer 2:
number 17 - Nagdaz Necksnappa

Blitzer 3:
number 5 - Gragga Gutstompa

Blitzer 4:
number 47 - Skazza Spinerippa

Thrower 1:
number 11 - Longfang Lungbursta

Lineorc 1:
number 63 - Erzagg Eadsplitta

Black Orc Blocker 1:
number 34 - Torbag Toofsmasha

Black Orc Blocker 2:
number 92 - Fragg Facemangla

Lineorc 2:
number 70 - Rotgut Ribcrusha

Black Orc Blocker 3:
number 81 - Borgut Bonecruncha

Black Orc Blocker 4:
number 36 - Bogrub Backbreaka

And that's the team so far, the numbers are no joke...they all have their personal player number displayed on their shoulderpads! That was pretty fun and adds heaps of personality!!!
Bases were painted green then flocked. White chalky lines and numbers were added to get that playfield feel and contrast nicely of the red brutes!

I hope they will put up a good show for their first tournament, winning is not all that important, as long as they can bash some opponents it's all good in their playbook!

Let's put the Blood in Bloodbowl!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Stunning, absolutely stunning....
    Next time I'll convert my own team aswell

  2. Makes me want to learn how to play blood bowl so I join in on the skull bashing fun. Great looking models that scream for you to play ball with them. Cheers.

  3. Thanks Panda!
    I still have to learn myself, never played before...
    But if the game is as fun as making the models then I can highly recommend both!

    I say go for it and show 'em off!!!

  4. Congrats Sven as it looks like you had your Sunday Best on when you published this post. Hope you don't mind me throwing you a shout out on my weekly themed top x. Cheers