dinsdag 17 januari 2012

Blood Bowl team Madd Hakkas!

Well let's start things up again!
A lot has happened and it has been very quiet on the wargames front.
But now a lot of things are happening at our wargaming club, Blood Bowl being one of them.
I've never even played the game before and I only have a faint idea of how the whole thing actually works. And then somebody started up a BB league championship over the upcoming months...

At first I wasn't all that interested, but the game looks fun enough and the fact that I had an entire Orc team got me into it.
I had made my team a couple of months earlier, just for fun because I felt like it...
Being a 40k Orks player and collecter I had plenty of models at hand to convert into some crazy Ork Blood Bowl team! And that's what I did...care to see?!

So far I have 4 Blitzers, 4 Black Orcs, 4 Linemen, 1 Thrower and 1 Troll. I'm planning on adding another thrower and some goblins 'cause they sound like fun! (as is pretty much always the case with Goblins, no?!)

These are my 4 Blitzers, made from various 40k ork boyz, some careful repositioning of arms and legs to give 'em that running blitzy feel. They all carry some sort of Iron Knuckles for bashing foes!

Here are the Black Orcs, made from Assault on Black Reach Nobz spiced up with some Fantasy Black Orc bitz. I am most pleased with these as they really look like the big muscled heavies they are supposed to be!

Third from the left is mostly finished, the rest awaits more highlights and a wash. Same goes for most of the other models in the team!

The Troll made from a fantasy Skull Pass troll, again with Black Orc bitz and a banner top helmet. This guy will hopefully stomp many opponents and throw many goblins!

The Thrower, another nearly finished model. He awaits dullcoat and some flock to finish off the base. This one has a green stuff ball added to it for obvious reasons...

Last but not least we have the linemen, these guys look a little more basic so they don't outstage the Black Orcs and Blitzers. They fit in perfectly and I like their helmets wich look like them old Football helmets.

So I will probably make some Goblins next but this is pretty much the models I will be using to build my team. Every model wil get more highlights followed by a wash/dip to bring out the details. Finally the bases will get that grassy flock treatment with white "chalky" lines to represent part of the pitch.
I'm curious how they will hold up in a tournament but as long as they have fun bashing some faces in it's all good with me!

Ready, set...fumble!!!

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  1. Looking brilliant so far mate, I can hardly wait to meet them on the gridiron :-)))