zondag 25 september 2011

Regiment a month: the revival!

It has been way too long since anything appeared on my blog, the meddling of everyday-life getting the best of me...Despite of several nearly finished projects, none came to revive the derelict wasteland that is my blog.

As you may or may not have seen in several fellow (much more active) TSA blogs, we started collecting Gundam models for an all out but simple demo-game featuring these fantastic giant combat suits. Here is the first of my two chosen Gundams: Sword Impulse

The model is simple yet very dynamic, and much of that comes from those two huge blades, so they are the main focal point on this Gundam...no doubt about that!

Colourwise I had no big plans so it retains it's original colour-scheme, the only addition I made was to very lightly spray all of the parts before assembly giving the model a weathered look.
Then battle damage was both painted and converted on and once everyting was put together final paint touch-ups and added decals finished the model.

As these models stand roughly 15cm/6inches it needed a good sturdy base so in came a CD.
I glued big chunks of plastic and styrofoam onto it to give it that rubble battlefield look and then added sand, finishing off with black basecoat, grey drybrush, rust and flock.

I'm very pleasd with this model as it really reflects the nature of a close combat Gundam Suit.
The battle damaged look and the rubble base show that this model stops at nothing to get to it's opponent and carving him up!!!

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  1. If every time you dissapear for a couple of weeks to come back with a project or post like this we forgive you! ;-)

    Great work!