maandag 30 mei 2011

"A Regiment a Month" part 1

For this first part of "A regiment a month" I chose to paint up my Nurgle Chaos Marines.
Unfortunately they're not entirely finished yet but I'm pretty pleased with my progress already.

Main feat on these models was to get them from regular Chaos Marines and Space Marines to sick Nurgle Marines!
For this I chose a combination of green stuff and a rather unique though unconventional method of melting plastic...blistering buboes and fleshy metal forges being the result.

As far as painting goes, I tried different varities of green, in the end going for a mix of three spraycan greens applied liberally and thus getting different shades in different places.
Next step was the nurgle's rot. Painting over all irregularities with a dark shade of red and working my way up through a light fleshcolour to Bone white.

For the metals I opted for boltgun and copper, wich contrasts nicely with the greens.

Still need to tone down some of the colours and the copper, and most impotantly, give them a thorough wash with brown ink and adding some grime wich will complete that all important Nurgle look!

In the end, although very nice, I thought they would end up differently and I would have liked to see them in another shade of green...but this spraycan method was way faster!
Still need to get them based and shaded and hope to get a playable army af these guys together!

I always liked Nurgle and finally getting around to building an army around it, hope you like it too!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Those are some proper diseased looking Nurgle boys! Those unconventional ways of burning plastic really did pay off ... almost worth setting the house on fire hé lol!

  2. Not to mention the brain damage (besides the one I already had) from the intoxicating fumes!!!

    Oh well, couple more to go...isn't that right Mr. Purple-with-pink-spots-Elephant! He really is here, I swear!

  3. Way cool idea to keep your mini's coming.
    I wish I thought of it.
    by the way; very nice paint job