zaterdag 7 mei 2011

Look out below!

Here is another one of my finished projects, soon to be used in 40k Apocalypse.

There's a little bit of a history behind this little thing. I bought the model kit in Omaka, New Zealand where I was visiting the WWI aviation heratige centre (
...after seeing all of those excellent flying displays I came by the famous "Red Baron" and seeing that funny red plane I thought :

"I oughta make me sumfin like that!"

And so I did! Here is my Ork Fighta!!!

The whole kit was put together as it was intended, the only major difference being the wings which I attached upside down so they were angling down instead of upward giving the whole thing a very different dynamic feel.

As you can see I also added some sort of turbine/jet engines 'cause the propellar just wasn't gonna cut it, so I left it off. I had to fill a gap behind the pilot where there should have been a gun turret, but I didn't need that for my Fighta. The whole kit was then plated over and I could start with details such as guns, wires, nut & bolts, more plates and the likes

Most of the Fighta's I've seen have either some open cockpit or just a frame on top, but the glass cockpit frame really suited this model and so after squeezing an ork model in there (wich required some cutting and grinding) I glued the thing in place. The result is a damp, foggy window through wich you can just make out the crazed pilot, excellent!!!

This thing needed a solid base so I "salvaged" a cap from some sort of light fitting and set out to making it into a propper base.
The pole is actually a wooden meat skewer, the best and most solid thing I could find at that time. The entire base was then loaded with sand, rocks, rubble and the occasional debris lying around.
When I glued on the oil drum, I had no intention of painting it up like a toxic waste barrel but when I chose the colour yellow to paint it, the toxic theme introduced itself and after painting the symbol I couldn't resist adding that "Simpsons-style" green glowing ooze...

After I decided to make myself a Fighta the first thing I did before I started was looking up how a Fighta was armed. So two twin-linked big shoota's, two rokkits and a bomb later I had everything to make this regular little airplane into a speeding bolt of death!
Now tell me, who doesn't like a bomb with a gnarly smiling face on it?

I know I do!!!

Some of the finishing touches are always the red 'cause red ones go fasta, the checks and dags and of course skulls and kill-counts!

I'm very pleased with how it turned out! It was really fun and not too hard to make. I already bought myself a second model kit so this mad ork doesn't have to fly all by himself!

Hope you like it!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Stunning conversion! That smiling bomb reminds me of those flying bullets from Super Mario Bros lol!

  2. Great use of a non GW model. I bet the Battle of Britain would have had a different outcome of that guy was zooming in across the white cliffs of Dover!