zaterdag 23 april 2011

It's Stompin' Time!

So as you were able to see a sneak peek in my previous post, it's time to reveal my latest Ork contraption; the Stompa!
After building my Skullhamma, talk started of playing Apocalypse! However with just the 'Hamma it wouldn't be much of a game so after a while I set out on getting myself an Ork bashbot! Although GW's model is pretty nice, it's also far too how hard could it be making my own?! Let's find out...

Pretty basic at first, I started with an upside-down plastic container/bucket and a spraycan cap!

Switched from one cap to another, reason for that will be revealed later.
The body got it's first layer of "plates" made from simple cereal box cardboard, this was the easiest and fastest way to cover it up and would make a good start to build upon later! The head got a visor slit and jagged teeth...but as vou will see in following pics none of these head-features survived the end result!

The addition of the "shoulders" was a very important step, as Stompas usually have some sort of shoulder plates as where these bulby additions gave it an entirely different look! They were connected with lots of piping and tubes, and got the magnets attached to them wich will be used for the removable weapon arms you can see. (intention is of course to make a lifta-droppa arm so it can be used as a Mek-Stompa too!)

The spraycan head was raised so it wouldn't sit flat upon the body, the construction it rests upon will be used as a cockpit for the Ork-pilot. So as you take away the head you can see him steering frantically!

The Dakka-dakka arm with lots of killy stuff like the Deathkannon and Supa Gatler. I didn't make it so it that is is exactly WYSIWYG to the rulebook armament, most important thing was that it looked, awesome!

This is a big jump from the pics shown before, a lot of details and gubbins were added already like engine, exhausts, a lot more plates, glyphs, guns, feet, pipes, wires and of course a supa-dupa red paintjob!

Gave it a good and dirty was and added some checks, dags & coloured plates!

As you can see, the visor and teeth were replaced with a plated Skull face and as big sharp Iron Gob! Way better than

Still need to finish some details before completing it entirely, mostly painting some battle damage and small details! Hopefully I can get this done soon and then this thing is ready to make some mayhem!!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Amazing scratchbuilding skills, amazing model.

  2. No matter how many times I see the contraption it stays impressive!

  3. Thanks Fred! Still more to come so keep looking! ;-)