woensdag 20 april 2011

Up and running again!

Well it's been a while now since I got back from my other-side-of-the-world trip and between getting back to reality and wargaming, a lot has happened!

For starters, I'm heavily updating my Ork 40k army, especially on the Apocalypse matter!

Scratchbuilt Stompa, soon to wreak havoc on Tyranids!

This means I've nearly completed my Stompa, started a Battlefortress and a whole bunch of new units or additions! They will hit the table pretty soon, once the 'eavies are finished completely I'll start nagging Creepy Corridor Andy to get his fantastic new Bio-Titan out to play!

As if this isn't work enough already, I'm also competing in the Lead Painters' League, 10 weeks of frantic painting wich in the end will leave me with over 65 painted models of all sorts!
My round 5 LPL entry

Then there are all the games from wich I have the new rulebook and models, but haven't played em yet...but soon...
Games like Future War Commander, Uncharted Seas, Supersystem, Valor Steel & Flesh,, Apocalypse (yes, lots of models, never played!) and probably some more I forgot!
Getting into that many new games also involves buying and painting a lot of new models!

All of the above are the reason I had so little time for my blog, but I will try to make amends now!

It's back to the workbench now to make another effort to get all the goals I set myself, finished!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Not to mention that big evil project I`m brewing up at the club, which hopefully can be announced on our clique`s blogs by easter monday ;)

  2. Yeeeees! How could I forget!
    Luckely I have all the mimi's painted for a thing like that!...

    You say go and I post it!

  3. Yikes! That Stompa's looking da bussiness! Wonder how long he'll last against my little pet lol!

    Big evil project? Now I'm curious ... tell me!

  4. I guess it's the one where you're not sure if you can enter...you know, Pulp stuff and all!
    And if it's not that then my guess is just as good as yours!!!