zondag 9 januari 2011

Mechanical Mayhem!

Something that had been on my to-do list for a long time was a looted Carnifex conversion for Orks!
Andy from the infamous "Creepy Corridor" blog kindly donated me a 'Fex from his Tyranid army, it was time to get started! (I will kindly return the favour, some way - some day)
First it had to be hacked apart, as it was already assembled...thus not handy to convert.
That done, the carapace had armour plates grafted on and one of the legs got a bionik treatment. The blades on the jaw were an initial idea but later on replaced with something better, this just didn't look right!
(Look at pics below every explanation)
I started to replace one of the spore chimneys for a belching exhausts, added a cog and bladed tailmace and started on the second leg. The first leg is only partially bionik while the second will be entirely mechanical. As you can see the jawblades made way for a better-looking iron gob!
At this stage, with both of its legs fitted, most difficult job was to get the pose right...too far down and I would have had problems fitting the arms in, too far back and it would look like it was gonna fall over. Some bits added to the base really helped here. Another chimney was replaced with an exhaust.

With most of the body work done it was time to tackle the arms, again as with the legs, one claw arm was bionically enhanced and the other entirely mechanical. The focal point on this being the huge powerclaw to give the fex that all-destructive close combat feel. Some of the ribs were replaced with steel pipes and bolts, addition of a bionic eyepiece and parts were riveted up. It already looked like it could crush everything and everyone!

A little bit of a jump forward, here it sits with a big new $@*?%- gun grafted to its second right arm. More exhausts were added, the positioning still giving it the Carnifex feel but transforming it more to a machine-beast. Painting well underway, I chose fleshy tones for the Fex to contrast with the metals and wiring.

Finished! The last gun-arm in place, everything painted up in scruffy metals and fleshy bits, and last but not least, a controle device receiver on top of its head. This will eventually be accompanied with a separate Mek model holding a controller.

At some points it was hard to se were this was going or what I should do next, but in the end it turned out great! This is easily one of the favourite models in my whole Ork army and will be used as an Ork Dreadnought.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. this is an outstanding work of art.
    love it.

  2. This might be the craziest Ork conversion I've seen to date. A looted carnifex... hahaha! Very cool work and such a funny concept, too. Wonderful!

  3. You're getting famous fast mate! Won't be long before you can open shop with crazy "Svenstyle" coversions on order ;-)

    Oh, and in reacton to the comment on my blog:
    Tuurlijk denk ik aan jou makker! Uwen regelboek voor FWC ligt al klaar bij mij thuis, die voor de superhelden bestel ik natuurlijk mee voor je eens het zover is. Dan nog last but not least: Als jullie de fotokes komen laten zien wanneer ge terug Belgie wat gewoon bent dan staat er hier ne PS3 klaar met de opgepoetste versies van God Of War 1 en 2 voor uw amusement ... misschien zelfs al deel 3 als ik hem tweedehands kan vinden lol!

    Dus begin maar al te kwijlen en af te tellen!